Presented by Colorado Bird Atlas Partnership:

The Second Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas



The following Project Partners provided major funding to support the Atlas and coordination in publishing the results.

Atlas Coordinators

In 2007, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory provided oversight and management of the Second Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas. Project Coordinators included Tony Leukering and Jason Beason.

From 2008 to 2016, the San Juan Institute of Natural and Cultural Resources at Fort Lewis College assumed management responsibilities for the Atlas, under the direction of Principal Investigator Dr. Catherine P. Ortega (through 2010) and Project Manager Lynn E. Wickersham.

Regional Coordinators

Susan Allerton

Lori Brummer

Tim Crisler

Cheryl Day

Coen Dexter

John Drummond

Doug Faulkner

Randy Ghormley

Mackenzie Goldthwait

Allison Hilf

Chuck Hundertmark

Steve Jones

Bill Kaempfer

Doug Kibbe

Hugh Kingery

Connie Kogler

Steve Larson

Tony Leukering

Jim Liewer

Tom McConnell

Paul Morey

Forrest Luke

Duane Nelson

Kim Potter

Brad Steger

John Toolen

Lynn Wickersham

Mark Yaeger

Sherrie York

Field Workers

The Second Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas would not be possible without the hard work of over 800 volunteer field workers. The Printed Atlas provides a complete list of Atlas II field workers.